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Formula Student (FS) is Europe’s most prestigous educational motorsport competition; it offers opportunities for real-world experience not only in engineering, but also in business & finance, marketing, and many other areas.

Oxford University Racing (OUR) is the University’s first-ever entry into FS, and every aspect of OUR is student-run. Whether you’re recruiting corporate sponsors or pitching the car’s economic viability, designing the powertrain or optimising aerodynamics, you’ll play an invaluable role in making our project a success.

In our 11 dedicated sub-teams, 5 are entirely non-technical; engineer or not, there’s a place for you at OUR. Below you'll find a link to the application form, as well as a description of all the currently available positions.

If you are unsure about the division you want to join, then you have the possibility of an open application (either solely for the technical side, the operations side or a completely open application).

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Management Team

Deputy Team Leader

The Deputy Team Leader will assist the Team Leader with all their responsibilities. This position is a temporary position, with the Deputy Team Leader transitioning to be the Team Leader for the following year. Experience in managing teams is desired, but not necessary.

Operations Manager

If you want to be responsible for a third of the team, then this is the position for you! Jump straight into managing whole operations side of our project and get a high-level view of our team. We are looking for driven and organized individuals with experience in managing teams and good system-level thinking. This role requires a significant commitment, but it also gives you an excellent opportunity to improve your management skills.

Technical Manager

The Technical Manager’s duty is to oversee and guide the overall design, manufacture, and build of the car, including planning for all technical aspects of the competition itself. Thus, this role requires leadership and management skills as well as technical and engineering knowledge. The main purpose of this role is to allow the Chief Engineers to focus more on their aspect of the car by entrusting the duty of higher-level management to the Technical Manager. Thus, the Technical Manager acts as a buffer between the technical and managerial aspects of the project.


Look after our budget, which will likely be much more than you would manage at other societies! Keep track of our expenses, our income and work together with the Procurement Officer to track our orders for components.

Head of Marketing

The Marketing Team is principally responsible for managing OUR’s social media accounts, but also produces content that is circulated within the team, such as newsletters, and organises socials. The Head of Marketing must ensure that OUR is posting regularly, which means both producing content and delegating tasks to team members, and that events run smoothly. This role is ideal for organised and creative individuals.

Head of Business & Finance

The business team is involved with quite a few different activities, so if you’d like to get a taste of several non-technical activities then this is the team for you! The Head of Business is responsible for leading the team in creating a fictional business scenario and a business model for launching the car to the market, which we will then pitch to investors in what is a very significant part of the competition. They will also be monitoring the Finance part of the project, which is the Treasurer’s work together with the Procurement Officer.



Support the management team with their daily activities, get insight into how the team is structured, how the decisions are made and what the operation of the divisions is like. This is the perfect opportunity to get a high-level view of the project and might be a good way to channel yourself to a high management position in the following years!


Join our pool of drivers who will take part in several karting tests and get a chance of being one of our 5 official drivers at the Formula Student Competition! The only requirement is a valid driving licence.

Business & Finance

Our team is involved with quite a few different activities, so if you’d like to get a taste of several non-technical roles, this is the team for you! We’re primarily concerned with creating a fictional business scenario based on the benchmarks of our car, namely a business model for launching the car to the market, which we will then pitch to investors in what is a very significant part of the competition.

Media (Photography and/or Graphics Design)

The photographers are responsible for taking portraits and photos for our team during events. You will get access to our testing and building sessions and come with us to the race next year! Your photos will be published with our posts, prospectus and all other marketing/sponsorship material.

Graphic designers are responsible to make our look professional and unified. There is plenty of space to unleash your creative mind and see your ideas come to life!


The Partnership team is responsible for building and managing the team’s relationships with many different industry partners. This means securing financial support, technical help and sourcing specific parts for the car. This is a great learning opportunity with the chance to pitch our ideas to world leading companies.


Our principal responsibility is maintaining the social media and online presence of Oxford University Racing, on websites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn, which means thinking creatively about producing interesting content. We are also responsible for team’s socials, which develops your organisational skills through budgeting and designing fun activities. Marketing is a great way to get involved if you are looking for experience in business operations and are enthusiastic about racing.

Wheel Assembly

As part of the wheel assembly team you will gain excellent experience working on the design and manufacturing of multiple complicated systems and fitting them all into a small space. Our main responsibilities include the brakes, ensuring we can safely stop the vehicle as well as doing complicated calculations the balancing of braking force to the front and rear of the car. The suspension, choosing geometries and spring rates. Also the steering, wheel and tire are all our responsibilities. All the components making up the wheel assembly have a big impact so join our team if you want a real opportunity in making a noticeable difference to the performance of our car.


Our team is responsible for designing and manufacturing the steel space frame chassis. We have completed the initial design and are now stress testing the frame and are making iterative improvements including cross bracing and dimensional optimisation with the hope of having a design ready to be implemented into construction in October. We are looking for enthusiastic people to join our team, for both the design and construction side.


We are looking for members who are interested in working on any of the low-voltage electronics systems, such as sensors, human-machine-interfaces and microcontroller boards. Alternatively anyone interested in writing software for the microcontrollers to process signal data, manage the communications network and to detect hazardous scenarios.


The simulations team is responsible for simulating everything on the car, to aid design decisions and to help the drivers get every tenth of a second out of the car. We are currently looking for new members particularly to work on our lap time simulator but also on our full vehicle model. You will gain lots of experience using Simulink and will get to work with all other teams. Please apply if that interests you!


Formula Student AI is a recent addition to Formula Student where teams buy a car from the IMechE, add all hardware required for autonomous operation and develop the self-driving algorithms. Oxford University Racing is planning its first ever entry into this competition in either the year 2020 or 2021. Joining this team, you can expect to work on the following areas: Computer Vision and Mapping, Path Planning, Control, Simulations and Electronics. The team is planned to start the research phase after Trinity, therefore time commitment during this academic year will be minimal.


We are currently looking for new members who have a keen interest in control systems and dynamic modelling. Our job is to design a traction control system that will give us the competitive advantage at the competition. The role will involve the design of new control strategies, modelling of dynamic systems, testing and validating our designs, and engineering better and better solutions. Applicants should have a sound knowledge of 3rd year B15 Control or be willing to spend time to get up to speed. Knowledge of 4th year control courses would also be beneficial.


We are also looking for PhD students and researchers who would be willing to work with us on a flexible schedule to help the team with the design process. You would be a point of contact for us to ask technical questions when the team gets stuck and you can provide valuable advice with your expertise to improve our design. All technical teams are looking for advisors (Aerodynamics & cooling, Battery, Chassis/Structural, Electronics & Software/Control, Powertrain, Vehicle Dynamics & Simulation).

Technical Teams