Join OUr Team

Formula Student (FS) is Europe’s most prestigous educational motorsport competition; it offers opportunities for real-world experience not only in engineering, but also in business & finance, marketing, and many other areas.

Oxford University Racing (OUR) is the University’s first-ever entry into FS, and every aspect of OUR is student-run. Whether you’re recruiting corporate sponsors or pitching the car’s economic viability, designing the powertrain or optimising aerodynamics, you’ll play an invaluable role in making our project a success.

In our 11 dedicated sub-teams, 5 are entirely non-technical; engineer or not, there’s a place for you at OUR. Below you'll find a link to the application form, as well as a description of all the currently available positions.



Business & Finance (5)

Our team is involved with quite a few different activities, so if you’d like to get a taste of several non-technical roles, this is the team for you! We’re primarily concerned with creating a fictional business scenario based on the benchmarks of our car, namely a business model for launching the car to the market, which we will then pitch to investors in what is a very significant part of the competition.

Media (Photography and/or Graphics Design) (3)

The photographers are responsible for taking portraits and photos for our team during events. You will get access to our testing and building sessions and come with us to the race next year! Your photos will be published with our posts, prospectus and all other marketing/sponsorship material.

Graphic designers are responsible to make our look professional and unified. There is plenty of space to unleash your creative mind and see your ideas come to life!

Technical Teams


Part of the aerodynamics and cooling team, this role involves designing the cooling system for a Formula Student car. You will be analysing the cooling requirements of the motors, battery and inverter to design a system that can be manufactured. Efficient cooling is vital for maintaining optimal operating conditions, so overall car performance. There is freedom to design, and actually see your design be formulated.  

Battery (5)

The battery team is a subset of powertrain concerned with developing the battery and BMS for the car. You will be joining current members in the design of the architecture, programming of microcontrollers, designing safety shutdown switches, and designing the battery casing so that it is compliant with the rules and other safety regulations.


As part of the suspension design team you will gain excellent experience in designing a car to maximise tyre performance. You will be choosing geometries, spring rates, and will also work on the steering system. In a Formula Student car, tyre performance is the biggest differentiator between teams, so join us and help us build this car to go as fast as possible!


We are also looking for PhD students and researchers who would be willing to work with us on a flexible schedule to help the team with the design process. You would be a point of contact for us to ask technical questions when the team gets stuck and you can provide valuable advice with your expertise to improve our design. All technical teams are looking for advisors (Aerodynamics & cooling, Battery, Chassis/Structural, Electronics & Software/Control, Powertrain, Vehicle Dynamics & Simulation).