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Application Deadline: Wednesday of 6th Week (May 30), 11:59 PM

Formula Student (FS) is Europe’s most prestigous educational motorsport competition; it offers opportunities for real-world experience not only in engineering, but also in business & finance, marketing, and many other areas.

Oxford University Racing (OUR) is the University’s first-ever entry into FS, and every aspect of OUR is student-run. Whether you’re recruiting corporate sponsors or pitching the car’s economic viability, designing the powertrain or optimising aerodynamics, you’ll play an invaluable role in making our project a success.

You’ll get to work with us in the city’s premiere incubator—the Oxford Foundry—accompanied by an excess of snacks. And, of our 11 dedicated sub-teams, 5 are entirely non-technical; engineer or not, there’s a place for you at OUR. Below you'll find a link to the application form, as well as a description of all the currently available positions.

Committee Positions


This position is one of our most exciting positions as you get to be there during all of our chiefs’ meeting, which is the meeting between the leaders of our divisions and where we make the decisions that determine the future of our team. You will be responsible for the meeting agenda and minutes.


You will be entirely responsible for our finances, including creating budgets, tracking expenses, and handling invoices.

Non-Technical Teams

Business & Finance (4)

Our team is involved with quite a few different activities, so if you’d like to get a taste of several non-technical roles, this is the team for you! We’re primarily concerned with creating a fictional business scenario based on the benchmarks of our car, namely a business model for launching the car to the market, which we will then pitch to investors in what is a very significant part of the competition.

Marketing (4)

This division of the team is responsible for everything that gets published online, meaning our social media, webpage and blog. The team is also responsible for organizing our socials and other events and there is a lot of space for you to think about what kind of events we should have. Another fun thing that comes with being in this group is being responsible for our stash and our snacks during our workshops and events. Definitely for outgoing and creative people!

Partnership (1)

Partnership is the group in charge of funding the project, which involves developing relationships with potential sponsors, maintaining current relations and organising all of the information sent out to companies. With interest from major F1 teams, it’s a very exciting part of the team to be involved with!

Photographers (3)

The photographers are responsible for taking portraits and photos for our team during events. You will get access to our testing and building sessions and come with us to the race next year! Your photos will be published with our posts, prospectus and all other marketing/sponsorship material.

Health & Safety (2)

We are building a car, so it is important that we comply with all health & safety regulations. You will be responsible for looking after the team when travelling, building the car and during any events where we need to make sure the team is safe.

Technical Teams

Aerodynamics and Cooling/Thermal (3)

Team Aero add performance by hunting for downforce, whilst trying to keep the drag as low as possible. The main areas of work are on the bodywork/diffuser/front and rear wings. Coupled with this responsibility is the responsibility to design the car’s cooling system. It is not isolated to a specific system, so the implementation in our vehicle is really about bringing it all together. Currently, we are looking for a couple of people who would be interested in contributing to both of these important areas of design.

Battery (5)

The battery team is looking for new members to help design the battery system. New members will be taught the format of our design - including cells, battery encasement, safety relays, and battery management system. The team is currently focused on the design of the battery encasement, such as the mechanical and electrical properties required a safe and robust design.

Powertrain (3)

The new members of powertrain would be joining current members in the research and design of the powertrain system of the car. Our domain covers the motors and inverter, transmission, and braking system. Our main tasks currently include research and design of the braking system as well as the development of simulations to model the entire powertrain system in our car. New members will also catch up on understanding how the motor system in our car will function so that we can combine our efforts together effectively when the time comes to begin building.

Vehicle Dynamics & Simulation (3)

Vehicle Dynamics is the analysis of the vehicle’s reaction to both external and internal (driver) stimuli and includes optimisation of suspension design and setup as well as tyre choice and management. Specifically, we are looking for 2 to 3 new recruits to build from our first year’s progress to help develop a full vehicle model in Simulink for subsequent post-simulation analysis and parameter optimisation. This will be in addition to modelling of suspension geometry. Overall, we will be looking to work even more closely with our group: chassis and electronics in particular. Experience with MATLAB and Simulink is preferable, as is working with and leading smaller teams.

Chassis (4)

Our team is responsible for designing and manufacturing the steel space frame chassis. We have completed the initial design and are now stress testing the frame and are making iterative improvements including cross bracing and dimensional optimisation with the hope of having a design ready to be implemented into construction in October. We are looking for enthusiastic people to join our team, for both the design and construction side.


We are also looking for PhD students and researchers who would be willing to work with us on a flexible schedule to help the team with the design process. You would be a point of contact for us to ask technical questions when the team gets stuck and you can provide valuable advice with your expertise to improve our design. All technical teams are looking for advisors (Aerodynamics & cooling, Battery, Chassis/Structural, Electronics & Software/Control, Powertrain, Vehicle Dynamics & Simulation).