First Team Workshop and Powertrain Updates!

Now that Michaelmas is well under way, Oxford University Racing has been progressing faster than ever! Since this is the first year that Oxford University has been involved with the Formula Student Competition, there hasn’t before been a precedent set. It has therefore been exciting to organise and attend the initial welcoming meetings and workshops for the all the different teams associated with the project, giving us the opportunity to work together and stay updated about everything that is going on.


An example of this is our weekly workshop at the Oxford Foundry, a dynamic new space designed for large projects to come together and collaborate within their sub-teams. Our inaugural workshop last Wednesday was very enjoyable and it was great to discover what the other teams have been doing recently. It is also useful to receive input from people less closely associated with your individual area of the project. We now have around 40 people involved and we are looking forward to welcoming some more freshers over the next couple of weeks.


An interesting development that has taken place this week is from the Powertrain division, who are responsible for the fundamental motor that will be powering our race car! They were pleased to finally get some hands-on experience in running a small model motor, which will hopefully be similar to the tests that they will eventually undertake on our full scale item! It also gave them the chance to apply and consolidate some of the theory they’ve studied so far. All in all it was a fantastic learning experience as beginning on a scaled down version allowed the team to learn the practical aspects of the motor’s functioning without infringing any of the safety risks involved.


This is just a small snippet of the overall progress we are making! Keep on checking our social media accounts to hear more about the Aero team’s first designs of the car, the developments of the other divisions, and our Facebook page for team member introductions which will be starting on Saturday!

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Fresher's Fair, the kick-off meeting and the Aerodynamics Forum!

Only 2 weeks into term and already the team has been busy both organising and attending various events. These were a recruitment drive at the annual Fresher’s Fair, the team’s kick-off meeting and the UK Automotive Aerodynamics Forum! With the advent of term, our undergraduates have thrown themselves into the project with an inspiring passion that has accelerated the team’s advancement.

Oxford University Racing’s stall at the Fresher’s Fair this year was a resounding success, with more than 200 interested students signing up for more information. Spread across two days, the team manned the stall in shifts, encouraging passing undergraduates to sign up and build a car to race other university’s at Silverstone! As well as the free pens on offer, our team members had a multitude of intriguing conversations with potential applicants. Expect our team to bulk up soon!

Simultaneously with the Fresher’s Fair, we had team members attending the UK Automotive Aerodynamics Forum where they were lucky enough to meet representatives from such companies as Aston Martin, Jaguar-Land Rover and Bentley! After the team’s introduction, they spend the day receiving invaluable advice and OUR is undoubtedly stronger going forwards.

Soon after these two events the team had its introductory kick-off meeting, followed by the team’s first celebratory social in the Balliol college bar. Each technical team presented on their progress thus far, giving everyone a more holistic view of the team and it was very encouraging for all to see the developments we have made already, as well as the apparent enthusiasm of everyone involved. The following celebrations were well deserved!

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What we've been up to so far
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The summer has been a busy one for Oxford University Racing. As Oxford University’s first team to enter the IMechE Formula Student Competition, we have been carefully but steadily growing over the past few months. Fortunately, the team has now been established due to our recruitment, structuring and research and we have given ourselves a head start for the upcoming term.

We began by breaking the team up into groups in order to make both the large team and the large workload more manageable. These groups are:

  • Management

  • Aerodynamics

  • Chassis & Structures

  • Electronics & Software

  • Powertrain

  • Vehicle Dynamics & Simulation

From there we have chosen a selection of people to be promoted to more senior roles, including Linh Pham Thi (Team Manager), Leo Panish (Chief Powertrain Engineer) and Mate Kovacs (Chief Electronics Engineer), as a result of their evident passion and rigour.

Our social media accounts too, on Twitter (@oxforduniracing), Facebook (Oxford University Racing) and Instagram (Oxford Uni Racing) have been set up and so our various activities can be followed from one location. Moreover, our website ( has been built, providing all the information about our team that one could desire, including our values, our current sponsors, and our team members.

Furthermore, having finalised our sponsorship material, we have negotiated our initial sponsorship deals with such companies as Siemens, whilst assessing those we are considering approaching next. We have been humbled by the interest shown from such a variety of industries and are excited to see what this will mean for the team’s trajectory.

Upcoming from us will be reports from our time at the Oxford University Fresher’s Fair, our presence at the UK Automotive Forum and our Kick-off Event. Stay tuned!

Tom Yates