Fresher's Fair, the kick-off meeting and the Aerodynamics Forum!

Only 2 weeks into term and already the team has been busy both organising and attending various events. These were a recruitment drive at the annual Fresher’s Fair, the team’s kick-off meeting and the UK Automotive Aerodynamics Forum! With the advent of term, our undergraduates have thrown themselves into the project with an inspiring passion that has accelerated the team’s advancement.

Oxford University Racing’s stall at the Fresher’s Fair this year was a resounding success, with more than 200 interested students signing up for more information. Spread across two days, the team manned the stall in shifts, encouraging passing undergraduates to sign up and build a car to race other university’s at Silverstone! As well as the free pens on offer, our team members had a multitude of intriguing conversations with potential applicants. Expect our team to bulk up soon!

Simultaneously with the Fresher’s Fair, we had team members attending the UK Automotive Aerodynamics Forum where they were lucky enough to meet representatives from such companies as Aston Martin, Jaguar-Land Rover and Bentley! After the team’s introduction, they spend the day receiving invaluable advice and OUR is undoubtedly stronger going forwards.

Soon after these two events the team had its introductory kick-off meeting, followed by the team’s first celebratory social in the Balliol college bar. Each technical team presented on their progress thus far, giving everyone a more holistic view of the team and it was very encouraging for all to see the developments we have made already, as well as the apparent enthusiasm of everyone involved. The following celebrations were well deserved!

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