First Year Review

Now that Michaelmas term is over, we wanted to take this opportunity to summarise what we have accomplished in our first year as Oxford University Racing; it has been challenging, educational and enjoyable for everyone on the team, and we are making great progress towards entering our first car in the Formula Student 2019 competition this summer.  With this being our first year and first attempt at building our own car, we spent the majority of the year getting to grips with the intricacies and complexities of building an electric race car – it certainly has been a great learning curve for everyone involved!

For the last year, our subdivisions have been working on research, theoretical design and setting up simulation in order to test what they have come up with; throughout this process, our engineers have been seeking innovative ways of racing in Formula Student whilst crucially complying with the competition rules. The Electronics team have gone above and beyond in designing a digital safety system, which is not a requirement for the competition, but will ensure greater safety and reliability in the car. Our engineers in the Powertrain department have been designing a battery that works efficiently at speed, whilst the Chassis team have been working closely with other departments to ensure that all of the technical components fit in the car – as well the driver!

Important decisions have been made by the Vehicle Dynamics teams, such as which tyres, wheels and suspension type we will be using. They are currently developing different models to understand how the car will function on the track. The Aerodynamics and Cooling have also been modelling their work on cooling systems and are excitingly about to enter the building and testing phase of development.

These are just some of the things that have been achieved in our first year, and we are looking forward to undertaking the challenge of taking our car from the blackboard to the race track in the coming months; it may be the vacation, but the team has lots still to work on to be race-ready by July. We can’t wait to get back in the workshop in January, and to see some new team members there too!

OUR in November, 2018

OUR in November, 2018

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