Mid Term Report

Lumeri Workshop

Lumeri Workshop

Our focus over the past four weeks has been building a more coherent and connected team. The consulting firm Lumeri have been a huge help in this process, and it has been a great opportunity to work with them as their usual clientele extends to engineering megaprojects. Lumeri worked with the team managers to create attainable goals for the year before taking these targets to a team-wide workshop; this workshop gave everyone a chance to discuss how we can improve and what excites us about the project. As part of this process there has been some team reorganisation, including the creation of two new sub-teams, Control and Wheel Assembly, as well as six new team leaders in both technical and operational divisions.
We’ve also been keeping our drivers in shape by holding a go-karting social; they were hampered by the snowy conditions, but luckily they still finished laps before everyone else! We are busy organising our next social already, which will celebrate completing our first goal of 2019.
Many of our team members also enjoyed attending an event organised by the Institute of Mechanical Engineers wherein Pat Symonds, Chief Technical Officer at F1, gave a lecture on the relevance of motorsport engineering to other areas of technological development.
After all of these events, we are moving into the second half of term with new inspiration, motivation and a renewed sense of team spirit.


Karting Oxford track

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