Car Updates

This term, the team made the decision not to race in Formula Student this summer, however, we are still competing in the Class Two division and are incredibly motivated to create the best race car possible for 2020. Over the coming months, we will continue to work towards building most of the car in order to test our current designs. Simulations are currently working on a full vehicle model, which includes the motors, brakes, vehicle body, tires and driver as well as a lap time simulator to help the drivers maximise their performance. Such simulations are proving invaluable as the sub-teams reach the final stages of design; model testing will continue, but we are excited to begin testing on the actual components of the car soon. 

Manufacture of the chassis will begin in the next few weeks with many of our dedicated team members staying over the Easter Vacation to begin working on the car. Several teams have begun ordering materials in order to begin the assembly of other systems; Powertrain have ordered a motor and gears, whilst Electronics have selected sensors that will ensure the control systems operate as required, and the emergency shutdown features work as intended. We now also have an idea of what the final product will look like as the bodywork design is due to be completed before the end of term. 

Beginning to build the car will be a great opportunity for our engineers to get some practical experience alongside their degree; some team members will even have the chance to participate in a welding course, thanks to the Engineering Science Department of the University of Oxford. Besides working hard, we are also looking forward to our last social of term next week – an occasion which will allow us to celebrate the progress we have made in 2019! 

Lottie HydeComment