From meeting with sponsors and designing the team website to the most technical aspects of engineering a working car, our project is entirely run by Oxford University students. Without question, our biggest competitive advantage is our team. We're a dynamic, passionate group of students with a winning combination of technical expertise. Every day, each one of the team members below brings us one step closer to success in our first ever Formula Student competition.


Management & Operations


Faculty Advisor

Dr. Neil Ashton

Dr. Ashton is a Senior Researcher at the Oxford Thermofluids Institute (OTI) at the University of Oxford. He previously worked in Formula 1 with the Lotus F1 team (now Renault F1).

Linh Pham Thi-2.jpeg

Team Leader

Linh Pham Thi

Linh is a third-year Engineer, studying at Balliol College (Oxford University).

Chief Technical Officer

Chun Ngai Au

Chun is a fourth-year Engineer, studying at Oriel College (Oxford University).


Vehicle Dynamics & Simulation

Business & Finance


Marketing & Events



Our advisors include Yun Bing (Chassis), Jeff Lidgard (Health & Safety), Rich Gardner (Powertrain & Chassis), Leo Fang, and Nick Papaioannou.